Battistella Nests

The story of Battistella SpA began in 1953 in Pieve di Soligo, province of Treviso, as an evolution of a workshop already started back in 1930.Le technological innovations complement of their experience and tradition of the territory in the furniture industry and define the dNA of a company can be transformed quickly into a real industry, and invest in research and style. In the first decade of activity. It begins to build its reputation and to prepare for the business challenges that will allow it to grow. In 1963, the brand offers Battistella, first in Italy, a line of children's rooms laminate and patents unanta curve clad laminate form. Battistella Company adapts perfectly even to the most recent challenges with new collection of children's bedrooms that brings together game design and the spaces dedicated to the little ones of today. An innovative approach that makes use of all the experience of an established brand like Battistella.