Battistella Nests bedroom with loft bed and desk

  • Battistella Nests bedroom loft and corner cabinet

single bedroom loft Battistella

Battistella presents Nests bedroom with double loft in White finishes, Waterlily and Water. Below the bed mezzanine mail the office area: desk with drawer, chair legs on Leaf Pillow, Milk stool, lamp and ladder Peggy. The elegant and robust cabinet laminate Nit in this angled configuration with internal drawers and knobs Woody, Pann and terminal white light panels. The ottoman Disco accessories with white stitching, mirror Trio water and wallpaper Tree House Pink make special room. Nice idea of u200bu200bthe loft bed with under the office area, this allows you to leave more space inside the room. Comfortable the pockets color blue seats in the cabinet shoulder and great containment is the module to the cabinet corner with library terminal.

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