Industrial kitchens with matt lacquered island

  • Dibiesse Spring industrial kitchens with island

Industrial kitchens: a mix of innovative materials and finishes

The industrial style is affirmed for the recovery and reuse of abandoned spaces that were previously used to house offices, industries, business centers. Dibiesse is inspired by these spaces to create modern kitchens by mixing various types of finishes: matte or polished lacquer with laminate wood effect. These kitchens with island are made by combining the laminate material Oak Torchiato of the bases to the Moon's top lacquered finish that extends into the terminal that serves as a desk, with leg Matt Black. Plinth and throat openings are lacquered matt Havana and emphasize the outlines of the columns with appliances and pantry Moon. gloss lacquered in black are the doors of the cabinet and the center library Open with matt lacquered shelves color Carruba.

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