Corner kitchen in glossy polymeric by Veneta Cucine

  • Venetian kitchens Carrera Go polymeric gloss and matt

Venetian cuisine angular Carrera polymer

You must furnish your kitchen in Living area ?. Venetian Modern kitchens with glossy polymeric door solves all your problems of furniture, thanks to its great versatility and range of colors that you will see in Liss shop in the province of Milan. The angular composition here pictured proposal with doors Beige Vanilla and Hazelnut Brown, stands out for its elegance and harmony of shapes embellished with the plan kitchen Quartzite Okite, flap hanging from modern, high-capacity baskets from containment, and elegant throat steel that runs the entire composition of the kitchen. Well integrated library made directly from Veneta Cucine. The nuts stools ideal for pure design tables and a plush carpet completes the living / modern kitchen design.

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