Furnish a kitchen marsarda with Veneta Cucine

  • Kitchen to attics laminate

Furnish a kitchen in the attic

How to decorate a room in the attic kitchen provides a rational solution, compact, imagining created a couple who plays the kitchen space in a modern sober, choosing for propriaStart-Time (which happens to be among the most popular cuisines from Locarno inhabitants) the warm elegance of lacquered glossy white butter and the naturalness of the scratch-resistant neutral elm laminate. The wall units are completed by open elements, anchessi in gray strike, designed for an environment in which permeate the kitchen functions with those living. Furnish a kitchen marsarda by Veneta Cucine takes you to realize an advanced project tailored, without compromise, affordable high quality with added values. pantry columns, baskets, floor okite end this beautiful kitchen.

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