Kitchen Carrera Go polymeric gloss

  • Venetian kitchens Carrera Go polymeric gloss

Venetian kitchens Carrera Go

Kitchen Carrera polymer with a linear composition aesthetics project urgent, appealing, and strikingly original and expressive freedom: his prickly variants are unique to this model. The different geometries of the doors, with the particular inclusion of library modules to overlap the wall units, dresses as a prominent element, allowing daring aesthetic combinations, creative and personal color. Portapentole baskets, hanging transom, tall refrigerator and oven column, under equipped sink, Okite induction hob and appliances Whirlpool. Kitchen Carrera Go polymer shiny in photos with an elegant new combination with polymer laminate Cedar Middle VERTIK, Pomegranate Red, Beige Arena to dye brilliantly the new kitchen of your dreams.

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