Kitchen Tablet Laccate Shiny Green Sea

  • Venetian cuisine tablet laminate

Tablet Oak and Lacquered of Veneta aesthetic hood

Venetian cuisine offers this composition in the photo among the most sold in Lugano, where the elegant material effect of the finish Grey Oak links placed in studied contrast to the trendy look of lacquered Green Sea. Frame door with hinged door opening from throat retro taste meets with quality materials, like the piano top Okite and the aesthetic hood design. Appliances intended to last: fridge and freezer placed in the doors, with hob oven steel customizable dominated by a comfortable auction brings utensils, pots and ladles. The shelves not only connect the hanging suspended but are useful for objects. Details chic furniture and accessories, such as chandeliers, spices brings the decorative plates and vases make the aesthetics of this kitchen functional and refined laminate.

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