Lacquered Veneta Cucine presents the new model Likes

  • Venetian kitchens Like gloss white lacquered butter

Like the kitchen in high gloss and neutral elm

Veneta Cucine Like butter in white and neutral elm. This new composition by Like catalog of Veneta Cucine stands out for its clean lines. Fridge column, column oven, various baskets carries pots, multifunctional hood embedded in the roof, large drawers for cutlery and tablecloths, the beautiful well-harmonized throat satin sash material in neutral and warm white elm gloss butter. Plan with the kitchen in quartz Okite, paired on the walls to frosted glass panels with LED. Featured round table and more and Veneta Cucine chairs. All elements alternate in new geometries where the hanging arranged vertically are mixed with horizontal modules, giving life to one of the many countless possible solutions, obtained through the solids and voids

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