linear kitchens Start Time Go by Veneta Cucine

  • Venetian kitchens lacquered shiny brick and olive

Start Time by Veneta Cucine kitchen lacquered brick

Linear kitchen Lacquer Start Time Go by Veneta Cucine. A version of Start-Time.Go where the combined use of color in appliances Electrolux steel, the doors swing and lacquered shiny olive-colored brick and well appreciated and sought after in Zurich. Ante in large thickness of the base indicated in the White receptacle throat, expresses, as well as the original geometry of the roof, the stylish non convenzionalit project. The original kitchen in high gloss olive colored brick and a concept that interprets the space in response to new needs at very competitive prices. Start-Time, here dressed in innate class, combines together with its tables and chairs, compactness, elegance and completeness by a pleasant and at the same time functional alternation of full and empty cupboards.

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