Modern kitchens red brick Tablet Veneta

  • Veneta Cucine Laminate Tablet Red and white

Kitchen Tablet.go Veneta Nordic style

The essence of northern Europe from Scandinavia come down to us: a color access and lively combined with the purity of white for a basic yet strong aesthetic impact. Corner kitchen with wall hanging, shelves and drawers for cutlery High Gloss Red Brick and High Gloss Marron Mocaccino. Column fridge freezer, pullout drawers and pantry laminated door frame material effect links in White Oak. Also the table leaning against the wall in these shades, thanks to You steel support, which combines the colors of the edges of the worktops in 5 cm thick laminate, accompanied by the natural Ash chairs. A taste that highlights dellarredo aspects, highlighting the aesthetic appeal of the details, such as steel hood and stylish lamp.

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