Veneta Cucine industrial lacquered wood and laminate

  • Olmo dark Venetian kitchens

Veneta Cucine dark elm

material laminate and lacquered kitchens Start Time of Veneta Cucine, goes beyond the traditional idea of u200bu200bthe product to arrive at an integral vision of the kitchen project, promoting mopderne ideas of designers who watch the domestic space from a different point of view. Veneta Cucine Start Time, Design project by Daniela Archiutti, a kitchen that offers maximum freedom of customization, putting into practice the Quick Design principles through the availability of infinite combinations between front and edges of the leaves. Laminate and lacquered for ideas with Veneta Cucine peninsula that offers an interesting contrast decor laminate kitchen dark elm and lacquered shiny green sea with roof flap open and closed to combine with peninsulas or tables.

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