Veneta Cucine Moderne with doors glossy lacquered frame

  • tablet Venetian kitchens

Enter titolVeneta kitchens Tablet with door frame and lacquered marrore

Enter Tuna composition kitchens to compact corner, with volumes distributed in a balanced way. Dress shiny lacquered surfaces and the Marron Mocaccino those laminate material the Oak Brown and Light Oak. Extensive coverage is given series of structured modules to form a convenient pantry, giving and open environment; beside the lacquered table that makes the atmosphere dedicated to good food and in front of the countertop laminate. The wall units are lacquered doors in shades Marron Mocaccino with throat opening. Below the hood recessed and glass shelves divide the various zones: the sink for cleaning, stove for cooking and top for the preparation. The framed door characterizes the bases with handle with oven, drawers and cestoni.esto

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