Madia T030 Cloud from Lema furniture

  • Lema furniture cupboard T030 cloud

Madia T030 Cloud Lema furniture

By furnishing the new Lema Madia T030 Cloud designed by Piero Lissoni. Fine finishes, in fact, the exterior and interior made with the same care, to a container by their large size: cm. L. 240 P. 57 h.59 studied in every detail. New cupboard and new project dallestetica paced, attractive, and strikingly original and expressive freedom: his prickly variants are unique to this model. The different sizes of the doors, with particular overlap them as prominent element, enable creative and personal daring color combinations. It combines this important cupboard refined sofa Brick Lane signed by Christophe Pillet for the catalog Lema Sof.

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