Madie modern furnishings Court Yard by Lema

  • Lema cupboards modern Cort Yard

Cort Yard the cupboards of Lema

Lema presents the modern cupboard Cort Yard, new collection by shapes and refined finishes designed to live in harmony in every home. Freestanding items, wooden containers with compartments and sliding doors that reinterpret the taste and creativity typical of the industrial design of the 60s. And this spirit of novelty furniture and accessories strong character, that are set off nellincontro with driftwood and material metals, warm and luxurious details that will never abandon his usual discretion Lema style furnishings. contemporary suggestions for a way of being and living, the Mediterranean, the essence of Made in Italy. To match the design cupboard Cort Yard fantastic sofa Brick Lane, designed by Christophe Pillet for Lema

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