St. James Bellinzona

From San Giacomo Ticino it presents you the latest proposals living room furniture at very low prices. Mobilificio San Giacomo offers you functional libraries, cupboards, sideboards, suspended cabinets, custom furniture, gloss and matt lacquered finishes, material laminate. We have to choose the ones that most fit our home space to complete it and make it functional, the choice must be made according to the space, to be furnished THE ENVIRONMENT size and above all according to taste. Hang, suspend, design, sign, alternately, vision and vesa, so, meeting, chest, cupboards sailing, abacus, tables and chairs, next, open, tetris, aliases, pallets, wood paneling, lightning, are just some of expertly engineered products Design by MSG. The living room can be identified as the visiting card of a house. Shapes and colors decorate with taste and harmony of the surrounding space, as well allabbinamento color that blends perfectly with the environment, has reduced the size of each element bringing it to its essential form, so as to be inserted in the environments more reduced. The living area thanks to the TV area of u200bu200bthe house where you spend much of the time reserved for personal relationships, where we welcome guests and precisely where you live in the company. The glossy reflects the new modern living ideas and how to furnish it with class and design. Winking alleleganza coordinates with the enhanced profile dellanta which gives a strong personality to dellarredo living proposals for interior design.