St. James Bergamo

Sangiacomo Varese introduces you to the new living area trends with the latest proposals living room furniture at affordable prices for everyone. New functional libraries, cupboards, sideboards, suspended cabinets, custom furniture, gloss and matt lacquered finishes, material laminate. The style enhances the functionality of a hold that shows and hides at the same time. The new zone Modular day, are the result of continuous research towards the flexibility of use, necessary for modern furniture The space takes on new elements to make comfortable, practical, elegant, and what has always been the place, considered up now the main house. Freely combined, with them, you can create compositions according to the personal needs of work and space. production tradition and artisan abilities find their nellinnovativa production summary, because innovation and research do not need to show off. The deep knowledge of the materials Mobilificio San Giacomo and attention to detail are values u200bu200bwhich find its highest expression in the refined design and material combination. They hang a sign, alternately, next, open, tetris, aliases, suspend, design, floor, wall panels, lightning, vision and vesa, so, meeting, chest, cupboards sailing, abacus, tables and chairs, are just some of expertly engineered products Design by MSG.