St. James Locarno

From Sangiacomo Mendrisio the latest proposals living room furniture at very favorable prices. Mobilificio San Giacomo offers you functional libraries, cupboards, sideboards, suspended cabinets, custom furniture, tables and chairs with glossy lacquered finish and matt lacquered, laminated material. Chest, cupboards sailing, abacus, suspend, design, sign, alternately, hang, next, open, tetris, aka, platforms, paneling, flash, vision and vesa, so, meeting tables and chairs, are just some of expertly engineered products Design by MSG. The modern, minimalist style amplifies the beauty and versatility. First of all important to choose as a local of a bright living room with large windows. The choice of living room furniture is the most important but also that of the other furnishings of great importance and can not be neglected. Large surfaces, sophisticated combinations of materials, primary solids which are made in proposals of great originality, functional elements that follow the new habits of everyday life: a basic design simplicity that manages to make infinite solutions, the more walls essential to the most innovative layout. Attention to lifestyles which change and the constant research applied to the design and materials are the basis of all the proposals in this collection, perfect for modern living and contemporary taste. Collection available in various widths characterized by unalta property that furnishes and contains. The living room furniture consists of modular furniture, modern design furniture solutions that have quality, robustness and a taste for beauty. Attention to detail, choice of advanced materials, high quality and aesthetic passion that characterizes its innovative production.